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Don't Play About Your Nighttime Skincare Routine!

Did you know that sleeping in makeup can age you 10x faster?! 😵

I interact with lots of women on a regular basis due to the nature of my business. Commonly I get questions about skincare and what I always ask in return is, "What is your nighttime skincare routine?" Based on my last blog post you know that I am a firm believer in the gospel of La Beautyologist, an esthetician based in LA that makes it her business to educate women on the importance of washing your face. Could it be that simple? YES! WASH YOUR FACE! Plus follow these other series of steps, lol!

Here are some steps that are definitely going to make a difference in your skin. Are you ready to see your skin glowing, radiant and go bare-faced with confidence?


Nighttime Skincare Routine:

1. 60 Second Face Wash (Makeup should be removed prior to this step)

Wash your face using your fingers only and a moisturizer formulated for your skin. Massage your face in an upward circular motion covering your neck, chin, and hairline.

2. Toner Toner is used in order to even the skin tone. It removes impurities without drying out the skin and opens your pores to receive the products being used. I literally pour a little into my hands and gently pat it into my skin.

3. Serum Facial serums should be specific to what you are needing special attention to. This is the treatment step of your routine. In this step you want to use serums with reactants such as chemical exfoliants that treat concerns you are trying to address such as acne, hyperpigmentation, excema, uneven skintone, etc.

(At least Once per Week use a Face Mask)

4. Eye Cream Apply with your ring finger. Eye creams with Vitamin C or caffeine will help to brighten the under eye area if you are experiencing darkness from lack of sleep. Follow the orbital bone when applying. (The amount of sleep you are getting and the amount of water you drink will have a major affect on dark under eyes as well)

5. Moisturizer Pay attention to the ingredients according to your skin type. No matter what your skin type, you need to moisturize! Moisturizer is going to seal in all of the ingredients you have used.

**Bonus: If you want to boost absorption of your ingredients pat your toner into your skin in between each step!


Once you follow these steps your skin should feel clean and moisturized!

Take time for yourself at night. Listen to some calm music, set the tone and enjoy.

Finally it is important to understand that mind, body, and skin are connected. You get stress break-outs, hormonal breakouts. If you’re not eating right nor drinking water you can break out. What we put in our mind, who we let in, what we put in our bodies matters!

If you are experiencing more serious problems such as severe acne or excema, etc you should see an esthetician or a dermatologist for help. Going to an esthetician to get a facial at least once a month is recommended. Even if you are not experiencing skin issues. They can give you advice on skincare and recommend products that you cannot get over the counter.

I hope you found this extensive research helpfuI would love to hear if you from you!

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