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Girl Wash Yo Face!

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Have you heard of the 60 second rule? Well this is a new skincare craze but it is something that truly works; not just a trending challenge. I follow a you-tuber who goes by the name "Golden Rx" and shares professional skincare knowledge with her followers. Give her a follow. She is an amazing esthetician based in California.

Her latest skincare advice is to wash your face for 60 seconds with your fingers. Why 60 seconds? Well this gives you the chance to thoroughly wash your face, neck, and chin. It also helps your facial cleansers to really work on your skin. You're actually taking the time to give your skin the proper attention it deserves. Why use your fingers? This helps to warm up the skin and provides circulation. Makes sense right?! I mean on average how long do you wash your face? Before this I would give myself the swift swipe with a towel and keep it moving.

Believe me, I have tried it and it works! Personally I like to use a foam cleanser while I am in the shower. This helps me to use my cleanser and then rinse under the running water. I love the way foam cleansers feel. My favorite is Cetaphil Foaming Wash. (Moisturizing is a whole other story but I do use Hyaluronic Acid for my skin - found a nice sized tub at TJ Maxx- and a vitamin c based eye cream to treat darkness.)

My clients ask me about skincare all the time and I love to try to help with practical advice. I also recommend seeing a professional if the problems are severe. I hope you found this helpful! Here is the link to Golden Rx's video below:

Want to know more? Schedule an appointment and we can discuss practical skincare tips and makeup essentials.

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