The Pinterest Wedding Craze!!!

I absolutely love Pinterest! I have twenty six boards total and pin something new each week! I usually log onto Pinterest and go on a search for a project I have in mind. There's so many great ideas that once I get to pinning I am so overwhelmed! Nine times out of ten I never actually go back and use the ideas! It's just wishful thinking like when I buy a pretty planner from Target.

One of my bridal clients and I had this same conversation recently. This makeup appoint in fact was for a second engagement photo shoot. As we discussed wedding planning, reception food, guest seating, decorations, colors, bridesmaids, my head was spinning. I remember the days of wedding planning it can be so stressful!

With my personality type I am always looking for ways to help, so I went home after our makeup appointment and in the back of my mind I thought I wish there was someway I could help. I went on with lesson planning (I also teach 8th Grade Social Studies), and I found the perfect helping tool!! I was so excited to share it with my bride to be. (