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Is Finding a Perfect Foundation Match Overrated?!

The answer to this question is an overwhelming yes!! As a matter of fact, as a makeup artist, I often mix shades to find a “near match” for my clients. Rarely do I ever find a perfect match. You may find that when you go to shop for foundation you feel the same way. Most brands now launch more than 40 shades of foundation with each new release!!! If you look at a picture you will find that you can probably get away with wearing about three shades of the foundation in the range. Plus when you do a Full Face of makeup you often place products on top that will affect the way the foundation looked anyway. So don't panic!

Here’s some extremely important tips to use when shopping for foundations:

  • We each have about three shades between our face, neck and chest so you should be trying to find a good "in between" shade that matches those areas.

  • Foundation matching should be done on the jawline. (From the cheek to the jawline and the neck)

  • Blend in the foundation and let it dry for a seconds before judging whether the shade matches or not. (Sometimes foundation oxidizes or turns a different color after oxygen hits it- Fenty Foundation is notorious for this)

  • Undertone is perhaps the most important thing to figure out next to the shade itself. You can tell your undertone generally by looking at your dominant veins on your wrist. You can also tell by the tone of jewelry that looks good on your skin.

Here’s a helpful chart to figure out your undertone by looking at your dominant veins from your wrist:

The best way to shop for foundation is to put it on your face, let it dry and see if it matches. I know there are so many changes with COVID-19 but most cosmetic companies have a generous return policies. I know that Sephora has over 40 foundation brands and they will still allow associates to test their products on your skin! Target also has a great return policy so pick up a few and try them at home.

If you know of any more please drop them in the comments.

We'll talk about Flawless Application Techniques in the next post!

P.S. Remember we look for a near match but don't be out here looking like you have a mask on!

For more helpful tips and techniques consider taking my upcoming class! The waitlist is in my bio on Insta (@essie_yvonne)

Until Next Time Beauties!

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